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Lockdown Beauty Faves – Pt 1 (Body)

Lockdown Beauty Faves – Pt 1

I’ve had a few false starts in using this blog (the last one seems to have been in 2015!!) but think I’ll make an effort to use it more often since chatting beauty and skincare is one of my absolute favourite things! Currently doing a 3-part post over on my instagram listing my favourite body/hair/skincare products that I’ve been testing out during lockdown so I’ll share my first post here and then continue with the rest.

Hope you enjoy!

Starting this three parter off with my favourite moisturisers for the bod:

First up we have Skin Food Body Butter by Weleda – Omg I have been LOVING this!! Incredibly moisturising, it combines pansy, calendula, chamomile, organic shea and cocoa butter to leave your skin feeling unbelievably soft and nourished. Also, while being a very thick consistency it is quickly absorbed so doesn’t feel greasy. Skin Food has long been a makeup artist kit essential but this is now a new fave for me.

Next is Organic Vitamin E Skin Lotion by Dr Organic – another new staple. Not as thick as the Skin Food Body Butter but I would say it sinks in and leaves you skin feeling just as nourished. This one contains organic sunflower seed oil (a natural source of vitamin E which is fantastic for the skin), aloe vera leaf juice, cocoa seed butter, shea butter and apple fruit extract. I’ve been mainly going between the Skin Food Body Butter and this and my skin has never been softer. This is also completely vegan so perfect for you vegan babes!

Third on the list is Brazilian Bum Bum Cream by Sol de Janeiro – perhaps the best smelling product ever made? This and the next are old favourites but I still wanted to add them because they are so good. This contains capuaçu butter, açai, coconut oil and guaranà (which contains 5x more caffeine than coffee) and all combine to improve skin texture and really boost circulation. Thicker than a lotion but not quite as thick as a body butter, it is fast absorbing and keeps your skin smooth for ages!

Last but not least is Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion by Palmers – a classic! This is so creamy and delicious and contains pure cocoa butter enriched with vitamin E. There’s not a lot I can say that hasn’t been said, fantastic for dry skin, stretch marks and scars. I also love that this is such an affordable price.

For reference I have quite dry, sensitive skin and have found none of these cause me any issues but everyone’s skin is different so always remember to check the ingredients!

Hope some of you found this helpful! More on the way x

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